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Maison Brémond: Fine foods in Provence

Our commitment
to the planet !

Our Maison, installed in Provence since the 19th century, offers to share its choice of a high quality gastronomy in a sustainable development and dynamic ecology approach in a concern for biodiversity.

In the same way as here on our Provencal lands and everywhere around the Mediterranean men and women are literally fighting to protect the environment, restore forest landscapes destroyed by the consequences of the ultra-mechanisation that followed the war to better face what will become reality with climate change: warming, soil degradation and scarcity of water.

The philosophy of the team at Maison Brémond 1830 is to be in harmony with nature, respect the well-being of animals, help restore farming areas so that insects and birds can nest there, cultivate and respect the soil, support committed farmers and follow seasonal products by listening to our elders who transmit their know-how by sharing traditions around a table and eating healthy products with them. 

Nowadays, MAISON BREMOND  1830 which can be found in France, Norway and Japan, take actions to promote local handicraft and Provencal art of living.

MAISON BREMOND 1830 is a partner of the organization Act For Planet, which promotes agroforestry planting in Haute Provence to fight against global warming, but also to fight against erosion and promote a return to biodiversity. With the Act For Planet organization, we plant trees in agroforestry to reduce greenhouse gases, fight soil erosion, maintain and conserve water resources. Want to know more about this organization? Click here for more information.

We also actively support the Lavender Safeguarding Fund in Provence by proposing 100% Provence solidary products such as the Lavender Cushion or the Lavender Rope Soap, 20 cents from each sale of these products are donated to the "Protection of the Lavender Heritage in Provence" endowment fund.

From day to day, Maison Brémond pursues its original vocation: to satisfy the palates of connoisseurs and defend a vision of southern gastronomy, in all authenticity.