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Delicious Provencal biscuits

Discover a whole range of artisanal biscuits from Provence: macaroons from Provence, navettes from Provence, Gibassier... Everything you need for your taste buds to explode! The macaroon from Provence is a great classic in Provencal biscuits. It is prepared with powdered almonds from Provence, egg white, sugar and honey. Try it in its classic almond version and in its lemon version. The Gibassier is a crunchy biscuit made with a sweet short crust pastry. It can be sprinkled with candied fruit or chocolate chips for the more greedy among you. It is actually one of the Provencal desserts that are given at Christmas. Navettes from Provence are every bit as popular. Their boat shape is a reminder of the one which, according to Christian tradition, brought Marie Jacobé, Marie Salomé and Sara to Provence from Palestine. They are prepared with a powdered almond base and lightly flavoured with orange blossom water for an inimitable taste.

A variety of Provencal confectionery

In this category, we also offer a whole range of confectionery from Provence. For example, you can try our delicious Provencal chocolate olivettes! They are made by hand in copper cauldrons. The almonds are coated with chocolate using a spoon. They are both crunchy and melting, and are perfect with your tea or coffee! And you can also try our orangettes, with their strong candied orange flavour. And for Christmas, go for the traditional box set of the 13 desserts from Provence to share with your guests. Legend has it that eating these 13 desserts one after the other will bring good luck for the year. Mini calissons, black nougat, white nougat, mini Provencal navettes, fruit jellies... these Provencal delicacies are presented in pretty Christmas-themed packaging. Maison Bremond offers a whole range of care products and accessories made according to Provencal know-how.