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Tapenades, other salty pastes and various crackers and biscuits from Provence and Italy.

Cocktail-time, a very important warm, friendly moment

Make up a real cocktail party with the Italian and Provencal cocktail products in our range. Share this warm, friendly moment with the family or friends around delicious products to enjoy, nibble or spread... Accompany these different specialities with typical Provencal drinks for a great cocktail party: of course, everybody will think of traditional pastis, but you can also try and serve it with a fruity wine. And for an alcohol-free cocktail which will be every bit as delicious, go for seasonal fruit juice cocktails or home-made lemonade. You can prepare a superb Camargue-style cocktail party with Camargue salt products, anchoiade and sardines in olive oil.

Provencal starters and cocktails for all occasions

We have a whole variety of products from Provence and Italy. Olives, garlic, lemon, aubergines and even dried tomatoes are ingredients which are a must for a successful cocktail party. Among our products, we have cocktail spreads such as aubergine caviar, black or green and olive pulp. And what about cocktail biscuits to go with them? Try our famous Corsican-style canistrelli with herbes de Provence, onions and Emmental cheese, or with olive and which are also great in a salad, as a starter. For a bit of variety, you can choose a Provencal cocktail assortment, made up of different Provencal cocktail specialities. Conditioned in a lovely box in Provencal colours, it will also be a gourmet gift. And don't forget, once again in the savoury register, to have a look at our wide range of terrines de campagne. Terrines are cooked in a terracotta dish known as a "terrine", unlike pâté de campagne which was traditionally cooked in a dough crust. A cocktail classic.


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