Olive oils

Olive Oils

Obtaining extra virgin olive oils means first and foremost respecting the soil where the olive trees grow; it means supporting the farmers who passionately care for these trees that are often a hundred years old to obtain perfect fruit without using pesticides, which will yield an oil from a first cold pressing produced solely by mechanical processes.

Discover our selection from an old tradition in the Abruzzo region of Italy on the shores of the Adriatic Sea: oils obtained by maceration or the simultaneous pressing of olives and citrus fruit or fresh plants: olive oil with garlic-flavoured olive oil, basil-flavoured olive oil, lemon-flavoured olive oil, citrus-flavoured olive oil. .

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  1. Rosemary Flavoured Olive Oil
    250 ml
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  2. Everyday Olive Oil
    750 ml
  3. Mas Sénéguier Olive Oil - Fruity Green
    500 ml
    Special Price €22.00 Regular Price €29.00
  4. Garlic Flavoured Oil
    250 ml
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  5. Black Truffle Oil
    100 ml
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High-quality and accessible olive oils

Maison Brémond offers a wide, complete range of olive oil.
Discover organic olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and quality flavoured oils, all born of our know-how.
The olives are carefully selected and we press them in Haute-Provence before putting the oil in the bottles and cans that preserve olive oil and guarantee its fresh, intense taste.

A variety of olive oils

To enhance all your dishes, we have a varied range of olive oils: fruity green, fruity mature, fruity black... each oil has its own aromatic palette which goes particularly well with some dishes.
You can also try our olive oils flavoured with lemon, basil, truffle, chilli and even mandarin to prepare your vinaigrettes, flavour your meats, pasta, sauces or your sauteed vegetables.
Looking for a good gift? Choose one of the box sets of assortments to share a whole range of flavours.