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wild garlic

Wild garlic is a wild plant very similar to garlic to be harvested in Spring. We start by harvesting the leaves, then the first buds appear in May. Full bloom in June marks the end of wild garlic season. It is in the heart of forests and undergrowth that you will find this aromatic plant. Haute-Provence being occupied by some 251,000 ha of forest, the picking can be generous!
The leaf, the flower bud, the flower and even the bulb: everything can be eaten in wild garlic! The leaves find many uses in the kitchen, especially in marinades, soups, salads or in pesto…

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From father to son, for over 188 years, the provence delicatessen Maison Bremond has always rigorously selected
its raw materials to offer its customers quality products.
The company was taken over at the beginning of 2015 by Olivier Baussan and his family, Founder of l'Occitane en Provence,
Olivers & Co, and the Ecomusée l'Olivier in Haute-Provence.

In order to guarantee maximum freshness, Maison Bremond only produces batches in small series.