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Calissons & Nougats

The recipe of Maison Brémond's calissons has stayed the same since 1830 : a crushed mix of candied melons and Provence almonds, layed on a leaf of unleavened bread and covered with a thin layer of royal icing.

Our nougats are made following the traditional recipe of the authentic nougat from Provence.

Traditional calissons d’Aix

Calissons d'Aix are sweetmeats which are famous all over the world and much appreciated for their sweetness. They are made with crushed almonds and candied melon placed between a sheet of rice paper and a layer of royal icing. It is easy to recognise with its shuttle or diamond shape. A little delicacy to go with your tea or coffee. We have been using the same recipe since 1830 for our Aix en Provence calissons.
We also have original variations in pretty boxes: calissons with figs, lavender, raspberry or even lemon.
Try our organic calissons, made with 100% natural ingredients which respect Provencal tradition.

All types of nougat from Provence

Nougat is also a Provencal speciality. The most classic version is made with egg whites, honey and almonds. Its manufacturing method is inherited from traditional processed handed down from generation to generation.
It is often offered to guests with coffee, tea or just as a sweet snack. Tender, smooth or crunchy, tastes for all. So we offer smooth white nougat, tender black nougat and crunchy black nougat. Black nougat is appreciated for its strong flavour. Its intense taste will overwhelm your taste buds. Come and try these delicious sweetmeats from Provence. On our site, you will find a wide selection of biscuits and confectionery from Provence. Place your order straight away. Make the most of a delicious break to enjoy Maison Bremond's delicious biscuits and confectionery.


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