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Scrumptious pesto sauces for all your meals

Try our almost-as-good-as home-made pesto. The recipe follows Italian tradition for an authentic taste. The pesto here is made in Liguria with PDO basil and blended with other excellent quality Italian products. You'll be able to enjoy your pesto sauce with a good dish of pasta such as classic spaghetti, or even with conchiglioni and you can also spread it on toast, use it in vinaigrettes or in your savoury tarts and cakes.

Flavoured Provencal pesto to suit all tastes

We have chosen for you different sorts of pesto. Of course you know the classic pesto alla Genovese prepared with basil, olive oil, Pecorino, Grana Padano, cashew and pine nuts. There is also pesto rosso which contains dried tomatoes on top of the basic ingredients: a delicious variation which has won over a lot of people! Do you know pestato? This is a sauce with more generous pieces than classical pesto but which is just as delicious.
It gives more texture to your preparations. You'll love it in the same way as pesto: spread on toast, in pasta, on a pizza, in sauces for your meat and fish or in other savoury preparations. And for your festive meals, why not choose a delicious pesto with summer truffles? Its subtle truffle flavour will give added taste to your pasta and ravioles.
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