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Olive oil from Oliete: a commited harvest

For several years, Maison Brémond 1830 has been committed alongside the Act for Planet association which acts to maintain biodiversity and defends initiatives protecting endangered crops.
Maison Brémond is therefore proud to introduce olive oil from the village of Oliete, an oil whose story raises the awareness of parents and educates parents and children on environmental and societal issues.

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From father to son, for over 188 years, the provence delicatessen Maison Bremond has always rigorously selected
its raw materials to offer its customers quality products.
The company was taken over at the beginning of 2015 by Olivier Baussan and his family, Founder of l'Occitane en Provence,
Olivers & Co, and the Ecomusée l'Olivier in Haute-Provence.

In order to guarantee maximum freshness, Maison Bremond only produces batches in small series.