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Black Pearls of Balsamic vinegar

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Balsamic pearls or the "caviar" of Balsamic!

Discover these small melting pearls of the best balsamic vinegar from Modena. The soft spheres contain liquid Balsamic vinegar which blossoms in the mouth. A new way of thinking Modena balsamic vinegar. Innovation in tradition... that will allow you to enhance your dishes and surprise your taste buds with an explosion of flavours!

Black and translucent, they will brighten up and sublimate all your dishes!

Food pairings: On asparagus, lettuce, salmon or white fish, meat, pasta, cheese, strawberries, fruit salad.

Ingredients: Cooked grape must, wine vinegar, Modena balsamic vinegar 10% (cooked grape must, wine vinegar), water, thickener: cellulose gum, gelling agent: calcium chloride, sodium alginate. Contains sulphites.

Average nutritional values for 100g/ml: Energy : 759 kJ / 178 kcal - Fat : 0g - Of which saturated fatty acids : 0g - Carbohydrates : 42.9g - Of which sugars : 39.4g - Protein : 0.53g - Dietary fibre : <0.01g - Salt : 0.09g.

Origin: Italy.

Storage conditions: Store in a cool place after opening.

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Recipes made with balsamic pearls in black vinegar: