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Black Balsamic Vinegar aged 30 years

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Contenant 100 ml

Obtained from the best Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes grown exclusively in Modena. This precious vinegar is slowly aged in small barrels of precious wood for thirty years.

Gourmet pairings: Salads, raw or cooked vegetables, soups, pasta, risottos, white fish, shellfish and seafood, meat (raw, cooked or grilled), cheese, cold cuts, fruit salad, strawberries, chocolate desserts and vanilla ice cream.

Ingredients: Cooked grape musts, wine vinegar. Contains sulfites.

Average nutritional values for 100g/ml: Energy: 1475 kJ / 347 kcal • Fat:

Origin: Italy.

Storage conditions: Store after opening protected from light and at room temperature.

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