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Tart with Calisson & Clementine jam

Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Sweet Dough :

140 gr of cold, barely soft butter

84 gr icing sugar

30 gr Valensole Almond powder

50 gr of beaten egg (1 egg)

2 pinches of salt 

250 gr of flour T55

  • Almond Cream:

105 gr of Valensole almonds

105 gr of sugar

105 gr butter ointment

105 gr of beaten eggs (2 eggs)

1 drop of bitter almond

  • Mounted Ganache:

100 gr of Valrhona Ivory White Chocolate

50 + 260 gr of liquid cream 33% fat

1 gelatine leaf

8 gr of quality orange blossom water

  • Mounting :

Corsican Clementine & Orange Jam from Maison Brémond
Maison Brémond's Calisson 
Almonds from Valensole - Maison Brémond


Roast 150 gr of Maison Brémond Valensole Almonds for 15 minutes at 160 degrees, leave to cool and blend into an almond powder; to be used for the dough, and the almond cream.

Orange Blossom Mounted Ganache (to be done the day before) :

- Soak the gelatine for 10 minutes in cold water.

- Melt the chocolate.

- Boil the 50 gr of liquid cream, add the gelatine and pour the cream in 3 times on the melted chocolate to make a ganache.

- Add the cold cream and the orange blossom water, blend with a hand blender, film on contact and put in the fridge overnight.

Sweet almonds dough:

- Mix the powders: sugar, almond, salt, add the ointment butter and blend with a food processor until you get the texture of a crumble. Add the egg and mix succinctly.

- Mix with the flat of the hand to homogenize the dough.

- Spread between 2 sheets of baking parchment and place in a cool place.

- Make tartlet circles, put back in the fridge for 20 minutes and bake for 20 minutes at 170°. (there will be some dough that freezes very well for future use).

Almond cream:

- Mix the powders: sugar, almond, salt, add the ointment butter and mix with a spatula until you obtain an ointment.

- Add the eggs, bitter almond and mix briefly.

- Spread this cream 1 cm thick in the pre-baked tart bases and cook until the almond cream starts to brown, about 12 minutes at 180°.

Mounting :

- Once the tarts are cooked and cooled, with a pastry case or a spoon, remove a little cooked almond cream in the centre to insert jam.

- Spread some Corsican Clementine & Orange jam on the rest of the cooked almond cream and keep in a cool place.

- Whisk the orange blossom ganache with a whisk until it has a light whipped cream texture, but holds together (you can see the grooves forming in the mass).

- Put in a pocket with a small St Honoré piping bag and poach over the jam.

- Decorate with pieces of calissons, chopped almonds, and possibly organic orange zest, and candied orange strips.


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