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Grilled chicken drumsticks

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Fleur de Sel salt with Espelette pepper

500 g chicken drumsticks

100 g tomato sauce

1 soupspoon of Banyuls Vinegar

Freshly ground black Kampot pepper

1 soupspoon of Chilli Flavoured oil

20 g Multi-flower Honey




1. Mix the Sherry vinegar with the honey, add the Chilli Flavoured oil and the tomato sauce. Leave to one side.

2. Rub the chicken peices with a teaspoon of Fleur de Sel salt with Chilli.

3. Mix the drumsticks in the marinade and leave to marinate at least five hours and up to one day in a deep dish.

4. Before grilling the drumticks add 1 soupsoon of Chilli Flavoured oil to the marinade.

5. Brush the chicken drumsticks with the rest of the marinade as they cook.

6. Season with freshly ground pepper.


Serve the chicken drumsticks with a ratatouille.