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Pink pasta with raw vegetables, Cranberry balsamic & lemon oil

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Nb de personnes 4 personnes
Temps de préparation 20 mn
Temps de cuisson 10 mn

400 g of short pasta: fusilli, penne, orechiette...
2 small raw beets
2 purple carrots
2 yellow carrots
3 yellow zucchinis
2 spring onions
3 tablespoons of balsamic cranberry balsamic
3 tablespoons lemon oil
3 tablespoons olive oil, fruity green

  1.  Rinse beets and carrots, peel them and put their skins in a large pot. Add a lot of water and bring to the boil. Salt and plunge the pasta into it. Cook it al'dente.

  2.  Cut the beets into sticks and the carrots and courgettes into thin slices.

  3.  Rinse the onions and chop them.
  4.  Drain the pasta and put it in a deep dish. Sprinkle with cranberry balsamic and oil and mix for a long time, until the pasta is slightly warm. Add the raw vegetables to the pasta and mix one last time.

  5.  Serve warm or at room temperature. You can prepare the pasta a few hours before serving.

Recipe by Elisabeth Scotto & photo by Edouard Sicot