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Carpaccio of scallops

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Nb de personnes 4 personnes

16 scallops

2 teaspoons lime juice

2 teaspoons Lemon-flavoured white balsamic vinegar

1/2 tbsp olive oil with pressed lemon

Phu Qhoc black Pepper

Fleur de sel de Camargue salt

½ bunch chives

Black pearls of Balsamic vinegar


1. Clean the scallops.

2. Place them for 30 minutes in the freezer (easier to slice finely).

3. Chop the chives. Put in fridge.

4. Slice the scallops and arrange the slices in the shape of a rose on a plate, brush with the olive oil with pressed lemon.

5. Mix the lime juice with the lemon-flavoured white balsamic vinegar.

6. Before serving, drizzle with the mixture of balsamic vinegar and lime.

7. Season with the fleur de sel salt and the pepper.

8. Finish with the black pearls of balsamic vinegar and the chopped chives.

9. Serve immediately.