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Truffle brouillade

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4 eggs

4 tbsp fresh milk

2 tbsp chives

Salt with summer truffle

Summer truffle olive oil

Thin slices of summer truffle

White Phu Quoc pepper

1-2 tbsp Huile de Tous les Jours oil


1. Coarsely chop the slices of truffle and the chives.

2.  Beat the eggs with the milk.

3. Season with summer truffle salt and freshly ground white pepper and add the chives.

4. Cook the beaten egg mixture on medium heat, stirring all the time, with the olive oil. Be careful not to cook it too much, your brouillade should be moist and creamy.

5. Place the brouillade in a dish, sprinkle some chives over the top and add slices of summer truffle.

6. Lastly, pour a dash of summer truffle olive oil lightly over the brouillade and season with the truffle salt and the freshly ground pepper.