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Madeleines filled with strawberry & mint jam

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4 eggs

50g caster sugar

2 tsp vanilla extract 

0.5 sachet of baking powder

80g of butter

200g of flour

Strawberry & mint jam


    Melt the butter over low heat, add the vanilla extract and leave on the side. 

    Separate the whites from the yolks, whisk the whites until stiff, set aside and whip the yolks with the powdered sugar.

    Add the vanilla extract, mix with the butter, then the flour and baking powder and mix again.

    Add a tsp. snow white and stir to loosen the dough, then gently fold in the rest.

    Drop a c. of dough in your madeleine molds, to stuff the madeleines with jam, or you can use a kind of syringe, for my part, I put a little dough, jam and then I covered with a little paste. (Be careful not to be too generous so that the dough does not overflow from the molds)


    Preheat the oven to 180 ° C then put the madeleines in a hot oven for about fifteen minutes.

    Let cool before unmolding

    Recipe by Sarah Overtus