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Provencal "Galette des rois"

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- 300g of Type T55 flour

- 75g of sugar

- 3g of salt

- 3 eggs

- 3 tablespoons of orange blossom

- 5 tablespoons of milk

- 1 baker's yeast bag

- 75g of butter

- 150g of Corsican Clementine & Orange Jam

- 100g of grain sugar 

- 50g of candied fruits

- Savarin mould


1. Knead the flour, sugar, salt, 2 eggs, orange blossom, 4 tablespoons of milk and baker's yeast in a food processor.

2. Add the butter, and knead the dough again.

3. Cover with a tissue and leave to rest for 1h30.

4. After sprouting, degas the dough by hand.

5. Spread the dough into a rectangle.

6. Spread the jam on the dough and roll it out lengthwise.

7. Butter a savarin mould and place the dough in it. 

8. Brush the dough with the mixture of 1 whole egg and a tablespoon of milk.

9. Sprinkle the grainsugar and candied fruit. 

10. eave to rest for 1h

11. Cook the Provencal galette des rois at 180°C for 30 minutes. 

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