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Balsamic vinegar with aromatic herbs Madeleine

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For 18 madeleines

- 1 zucchini

- 100 g of flour with baking powder integrated

- 2 eggs

- 3 soupspoons of Olive Oil " Heritage - Fruité Mur"

- 3 soupspoons of Balsamic vinegar with aromatic herbs

Timut pepper

- Madeleine mold 


1. Mix the flour, eggs, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

2. Cut the zucchini in Julienne and add it to the mixture

3. Pour the mixture into the madeleine mold, and sprinkle some Timut Pepper on the top of it

4. Cook them in the oven for 13-14 minutes at 200°C

Tip: You can dip the madeleines in some of your favourite dipping ! (olive oil, basil pesto...)