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White Organic Kerala Pepper - 20g


Pepper harvested green or when ripe (according to the origins) immersed in water and stripped of its envelope, the pericarp, brushed and then exposed to the sun.

Pepper is like the fruit of the vine, it takes its aromas from the soil that nourishes it. An original pepper comes from a region and its flavours are unique to that region.

"Passion Poivre" is the name under which Franck Deschamps likes to introduce himself: A former farmer with a passion for this spice, he has travelled for 10 years to meet pepper growers in India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sumatra, Java...

Franck Deschamps is not only a passionate traveller in search of the best peppers; he is above all a committed man! In order to enable a small cooperative in Madagascar to build sustainable development around Voatsiperifery pepper, Franck Deschamps has begun work to raise awareness among pickers on good harvesting methods to preserve pepper lianas*. By providing equipment for future harvests and offering the guarantee of a better price, Franck Deschamps practices a fair trade that we support at Maison Brémond 1830.

This wild pepper is a victim of its success and many poor harvesters in Madagascar uproot trees, permanently eliminating forest renewal...

Tip: Pepper does not take kindly to being cooked, add it after or at the very end of cooking. We recommend grinding it at the last moment to make the most of its flavours and properties.

In the mouth: Delicate citrus, undergrowth and fresh herbs flavour.

Food pairings: It is particularly preferred for white meats, fish, dishes with lighter flavors in general. White pepper should be chosen more for its peppery notes than for its power.

Ingredients: Pepper 100%. Organic agriculture

Origin: India.

Harvest: 2018.

Storage condition: Keep dry.

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