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Rosemary Honey - 250g

Sébastien Penalva is a 36 year old beekeeper. Ever since he was young, he has rubbed shoulders with Provencal hills and scrublands, eager to learn about his natural surroundings. He has developed a way of life through the seasons by observing and enjoying everything it offered, so it is only natural that beekeeping has become a part of his life and his job.

« The way bees live in colonies is very complex and nowadays bees are subject to a large number of aggressions and need help from men and women who are nautre-lovers. "  These are his own words when he talks about his passion and bees.

For Maison Brémond he went to collect honey in the eastern Pyrenees, in Perpignan because this is where this rare honey can be found in France. It can also be found in Provence but it is rarely composed of 100% rosemary because thyme is never far away.

This honey has been appreciated for thousands of years and was the Romans' favourite honey as they already knew of its antispetic roperties. Rare, full of flavour and precious for health, this is a pure jewel from nature!

In the mouth: Delicate aroma, then a marked acidity with slightly aromatic notes

Food pairings: Naturally on bread, with yogurt, brousse cheese, in herbal tea and with Banon-type goat cheese.

Ingredients: Rosemary honey from the South of France 100%.

Average nutritional values for 100g / ml: Energy: 1300kJ / 315kcal • Fat: 0g • Of which saturated fatty acids: 0g • Carbohydrates: 78g • Of which sugars: 31g • Proteins: 0g • Salt: 0g.

Origin: France.

Storage Conditions: Store at room temperature

Kg price: 48€

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