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Ripe fruity Maison Brémond Heritage olive oil

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Ripe fruitiness - Second harvest, DPO Haute-Provence

LIMITED EDITION to 1500 liters - Gold medal in the 2021 New York olive oil competition

The olives are selected from the orchards of Monfort in Haute-Provence and then pressed at the Moulin du Luberon, in Volx. The olive grove is made up of nearly 1,500 trees over more than 4 hectares, with olives of the Aglandau, Frantoio and Bouteillan varieties.

They are picked by hand to guarantee total respect for the fruit and its freshness. After meticulous pressing and packaging work, Maison Brémond unveils its second harvest produced last December.

Tasting Note: This is a complex ripe fruitiness with floral and fruity notes like peach, red berries and ripe banana.

In the mouth: we discover aromas of hay and broom. The bitterness is light in comparison to the ardor which ends up peppery on the tongue.

Food pairings: Over steamed potatoes, pour a generous drizzle before serving. Can also be used on a pan of asparagus, on white fish, for dessert on yogurt, ice cream, fruit cake, pie or cake. SILVER MEDAL AT THE INTERNATIONAL OLIVE JAPAN 2020 COMPETITION The Ripe Fruity Heritage Oil won a silver medal at the 2020 Olive Japan International Competition, rewarding the complexity of its aromas and its beautiful balance between vegetal (fig leaf, artichoke) and fruity (almond, banana, pear) notes..

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil.

Average nutritional values for 100g/ml: Energy: 900kJ/3768 kcal. Fat content: 99.8g. Of which saturated fatty acids: 15.1g. Protein: 0g. Carbohydrates: 0g. Of which sugars: 0g. Salt: 0mg.

Producer: Maison Bremond 1830.

Origin: France.

Department: Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

Village: Monfort

Variety of olives: Aglandau

Harvest date: December 2020.

Storage condition: Keep away from light and heat.

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