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Salt with Espelette Pepper

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An emblem of this generous terroir, Camargue salt is a natural ingredient in southern cuisine and reveals the sweet flavours of this sunny gastronomy in a perfect blend.

Born from the sea, sun, mistral, open spaces and ancestral know-how, Camargue salt is the natural product of the south of France. Saliculture in the heart of the Camargue Regional Nature Park contributes significantly to the preservation of species and the protection of the coast against erosion.

Food Pairing: Add a hint of spice to your plates.

Ingredients: Fleur de sel from Camargue, fine Camargue salt, Espelette pepper PDO 3%.

Origin: France.

Storage conditions: Product subject to desiccation. Keep dry.

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Recettes élaborées avec le sel au piment d'Espelette: