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Salt & Herbs Mixture for Pasta & Salad refill

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AS an emblem of this generous terroir, Camargue salt is a naturally essential ingredient in southern cuisine and reveals the sweet flavours of this sunny gastronomy in a perfect blend.

Born from the sea, the sun, the mistral, the great outdoors and ancestral know-how, Camargue salt is the natural product of southern France. Saliculture in the heart of the Camargue Regional Nature Park makes a significant contribution to the preservation of species and the protection of the coastline against erosion.

Food pairings: Subtle blend of herbs, plants and Camargue salt that will awaken simple pasta or salads.

Ingredients: Fleur de sel de Camargue, fine Camargue salt, herb mixture 20% (marjoram, tomato granules, chives, onion granules).

Origin: France.

Storage conditions: Product subject to desiccation. Store in a dry place.

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