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Rosemary Flavoured Olive Oil

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Contenant 250 ml

250 ml

After being harvested between October and November, the olives are pressed with the rosemary, the morning following the day of harvest. Cold-pressed, without the use of heating for optimal preservation of their original flavor and nutrients, the olives, mixed with rosemary, deliver a tasty juice. A natural Mediterranean marriage that has retained the aromas of its only two ingredients: the olive and the rosemary.

Food pairings: Delicious on focaccia, with baked potatoes, in salads and on roasted or grilled meat (BBQ)

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil 96%, rosemary 4%.

Average nutritional values for 100g/ml: Energy : 3728kJ/891 kcal - Fat : 99g - Of which saturated fatty acids : 17g - Protein : 0g - Carbohydrates : 0g - Of which sugars : 0g - Salt : 0g.

Origin: Italy.

Storage conditions: Keep away from light and heat.

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