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Organic honey mustard

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The alliance of a strong personality and sweetness characterizes this unctuous honey mustard that contains old-fashioned mustard seeds. Elaborated from a flavorful mix of Moutarde de Dijon and old-fashioned mustard, associated with the best multi-flower honey, this organic sweet mustard will seduce amateurs of spicy as well as ones of sweet. In its elegant 4.23 oz glass jar, it got dressed of an appetizing ochre color to seduce people who like good food. 

This sweet-and sour-preparation is the ideal to re-visit a classic of our kitchens and test new flavors associations.

Its organic ingredients ensure you natural and authentic quality and taste.

Ingredients: Moutarde de Dijon* 45.8% (water, mustard* seeds, vinegar*, salt), old-fashioned mustard (water, mustard seed, vinegar, salt)*, multi-flower honey*(23%), cane sugar*, white wine vinegar, wheat starch* Contains sulfites *products of organic agriculture EU/NON EU AGRICULTURE 

Gourmet pairings: poultry scallop, chicken with rice and vegetables, roast pork, lamb ribs, grilled meat, goat cheese salad, smoked salmon toast, minced cold chicken.

Nutritious values for 100g: Energy: 970 Kj / 232 Kcal. Lipids: 7g. of which Saturated fatty acids: 0,5g. Carbohydrate: 36,1g. of which Sugar: 32,1g. Protein: 4,5g. Fiber: 2,2g. Salt: 3,2g.

Storage conditions: Not opened, keep at air temperature and prevent from light and heat. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume rapidly.

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