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Provence delicatessen
Provencal and Mediterranean products from organic farming

Our artisanal products guarantee quality. We work with producers who are careful to respect traditions and products to bring you only the best. Organic products have the advantage of containing many less pesticides and heavy metal-based products compared with mass consumption products.
Several studies have shown their risks for the environment.
Organic farming is also much more respectful of the environment.
Maison Bremond offers a selection of mouth-watering organic products.

Artisanal Provencal products, committed producers

We work with producers who are concerned for the environment and who adapt their production methods to protect biodiversity. In our organic goods category, you will find all sorts of sweet and savoury products.
For breakfast, you can choose from our different spreads and jams. Delicious with bread or brioche! Prepare a delicious vinaigrette for your salads with organic vinegar and mustard. For a gourmet touch, choose organic honey mustard.
Another must for your cuisine: organic extra virgin olive oil, prepared with Provencal know-how, will give a sunny touch to all your dishes. It is of very high quality and releases all the flavours of the olive. Maison Brémond offers products from the Provencal terroir for breakfast and sweet breaks: 100% French jams and honey.